Jeri Foreman's Fiddle Fantastic


Jeri Foreman is a multifaceted musician, who makes her living playing fiddle in Scotland, though originally from Adelaide, South Australia. Fascinated by finding similarities and differences in fiddle traditions, she spent eight months travelling through Europe and North America, learning about different musical styles and sharing Australian tunes and songs along the way, before settling in Glasgow five years ago. She now performs all over the world, with a wide variety of acts, across several genres. Her own projects currently include The Fountaineers (bluegrass band), Swamp Chicken (old time string band), The Household Names (modern trad band), Nice Like That (vintage bluegrass/country duo), Jeri Foreman & Ruth Eliza (old time duo), The Crossbow Trio (multi genre fiddle music) and Point Five Ceilidh Band (Scottish trad). Jeri also performs as a session musician with acts as diverse as traditional Scots singers, Americana bands, prog rock singers, jazz guitarists, country singers and many ceilidh bands. She has also won a whole bunch of awards.